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Rental Relocation Service - How It Works

A major part of ensuring your move will go smoothly is planning in advance if possible, this is particularly true when it comes to finding a place to live in a new city. However, sometimes circumstances occur and a quick move is necessary. Nevertheless, we can still assist you with your move regardless of the timeframe. When you sign up for our relocation service, we first find out your housing needs and preferences like location, type of property, etc. In addition to finding out about your housing objectives, we also obtain information regarding your moving plans in order to assist you with other matters related to moving into a new place.

The Atlanta metro area spreads across a number of counties and looking for a place to live can be time consuming and a bit competitive due to the large amount of people moving to the area each month. Our service is designed for those who understand the value and limitation of their time and would prefer to focus on other matters rather than traveling back and forth to the area in an effort to find a place to live. The list above is just a basic overview of our service, if you have any questions please call or contact us by clicking here.



Planning Your Move-

Tenant Screenings-

As with most rental procedures, some form of tenant screening will be conducted depending on the type of rental and the requirements of the owners and property managers. Short-term, extended stay hotels and corporate rentals usually do not require this step to take place. As you probably already know homes, condos, townhomes, lofts and apartments typically require some form of screening, such as credit, evictions and background checks. Depending on the property, it could be one or more of these tenant screening procedures. We are a full service real estate agency who also manages properties so we are well aware of the various situations tenants may have when it comes to the screening process. During the initial sign up simply explain any issues you have so we can match you with the appropriate rental to ensure you will be approved and to avoid wasting time pursuing rental properties that may not be approved due to the requirements.

Property Search-

Once we consult with you about your housing needs and preferences, we then assign an agent to start the property search based on your criteria. Since most people who sign up for the relocation service has yet to move to the area we normally visit each potential rental to view the property, take pictures, check out the area and obtain relevant information such as the distance from your job ( if applicable), the traffic, the schools, the shopping locations nearby, etc. We then provide you with a detailed report and pictures to help you decide which rental property you would like to pursue.

Property Selection-

Finding the right place to live is extremely important and therefore it sometimes require searching and looking at a number of properties before finding the right one to fit your needs. Once you decide upon a property, we will email you the rental application along with any necessary instructions and related information. Once your application has been screened and approved, we make sure the property is move in ready and there is no issues that will affect your quality of living. We also perform a walk through and take pictures to help mitigate any future issues that may arise after the lease period has ended.

Concierge Service-

Moving to another city can involve a number of details that may not necessarily fall under the heading of property location however, it coincides with relocation. Although our concierge service is out of the scope of locating rental properties, we try to assist our clients in any way we can to assure their relocation is hassle free.

Service Fees-

Our relocation service fees range from $250 - $1,000 depending on the scope of your needs and the level of difficulty involved with finding the perfect place that fits your personal preferences. Although agents typically receive a nominal commission on listed rental properties, the majority of the properties we locate are not listed on the MLS and therefore we charge a fee for this particular service. While sometimes there may be a property that is listed, our agents spend a considerable amount of time researching, making phone calls and driving from county to county to personally view properties and the area on your behalf. In addition to finding the right property, they will also assist you with matters related to your move. We have no doubt you will be pleased with our relocation services.

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