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Working With A Listing Agent

To be successful at buying and selling investment properties requires knowledge of the market you are targeting. Although the overall perception is it’s a seller’s market right now, this is not true for every area/neighborhood. Knowing if your property is in a seller’s market will determine such things like the price of the property along with how long it may sit on the market if priced wrong. We have over 10 years experience in the Atlanta investment market Clients use us for our knowledge and experience in real estate investing. Our real estate team is experienced at assisting clients with every aspect of real estate investing.

Investment Experience-

Easy Exit Listing Agreement-


Below are just a few highlights of our listing service and some of the tasks we perform when selling your property. Most investors are already familiar with the selling process and typically use a listing agent to sell their property for specific reasons such as to deal with potential buyers, to get their property listed on the MLS to gain maximum exposure, etc. Most investors also value their time in addition to understanding that time is money and the quicker the property is sold the less they will end up spending in holding costs and tying up money that can be used for another project.


To List Your Investment Property Now

Although all investors have the same objective of selling their property for the best price in a timely matter, every situation is different. We offer flexible commission rates based on various factors such as the client’s needs, weather the buyer is represented by an agent and the number of properties being listed, etc. In addition to flexible commission rates, we also provide superior customer service and can assist investors with every aspect involved with the sale of their property. Our background in real estate investment also allows us to market your property immediately to our database of investment buyers, which can save you money when it comes to having to pay a commission to a buyer’s agent.

Flexible Commission Rates-

One of the biggest concerns many investors have when deciding to list their property with an agent is choosing the wrong one and being locked into a lengthy contract. Having to deal with an agent who has not lived up to your expectations and their promises can cost you valuable time and money. We are confident about the quality of our service however, if you need to cancel your listing agreement with us for any reasons simply notify us in writing 14 days in advance. If a contract is not pending or we are not currently negotiating the sale of your property we will cancel the listing agreement.

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We will work diligently to get your property sold. We market your property, deal with all potential buyers, showings, offers, negotiations and attend the closing in addition to anything that is required to get your property sold for the best price as fast as possible. If you have questions, click here.


Pricing your property right is extremely important ( as most investors already know). Many property owners price their property based on factors that ultimately have nothing to do with how a property should be priced. The condition of your property, location and the current real estate market will dictate your listing price. Performing a CMA (comparative market analysis) is the first step (of several) in determining the price range of your property. The real estate market has not fully recovered and property values can vary greatly depending on the location. This is where a knowledgeable agent can be helpful.

Listing Price & CMA Report-

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Multiple Listing Service (MLS)-

When you list your property with an agent, it will be advertised on the MLS. For those who don’t know the MLS is used by all agents in Georgia to advertise properties for sale. Listing on the MLS is the most important and best exposure your property can receive. Over 80% of all properties are sold through the MLS therefore, it is crucial to have a detailed, eye-catching listing. Over 50% of MLS listings are incomplete and/or wrong. We make sure are listings are detailed and accurate with a well written description.

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When we list your property on the MLS it will also be automatically listed on top real estate websites like Realtor.com. Only properties listed on the MLS can be featured on this site. Your property will also be listed on numerous other popular online real estate sites like Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, etc. These sites (and many others) syndicate MLS listings, which will expose your property to the largest online audience available. This is extremely important considering over 90% of all property searches now start online.

Marketing Your Property Online-

Targeted Online Marketing Plan-

We develop a online marketing plan specifically designed to attract buyers who are looking for properties in Atlanta online. Having a staff member with a background in traditional and online marketing gives us the ability to design marketing campaigns for each property we represent. One of several strategies we use is keyword placement. For example, each month a specific amount of potential buyers search online for  homes to purchase in Atlanta. Every time someone searches google, yahoo, bing, etc., for any keywords relating to purchasing a home in Atlanta your property will appear in the search results.


We also use offline marketing strategies like our mobile marketing service, which turns a simple for sale yard sign into a powerful marketing tool. Studies show that before property searchers make contact by phone, 76% of them will drive by your property first. Every property we market is assigned a property code that will allow drive by searchers to automatically receive information on their cell phone by simply texting the property code on the sign. They will instantly get a response with a link that will direct them to a mobile website specifically for your property that will allow them to view property details, pictures, etc. We also receive the contact information of every person who makes an inquiry about your property via text messaging, which will allow us to immediately follow up, and answer any questions potential buyers have.

Text 4 Info Marketing-

real estate text-sms-marketing

Quality Photos-


Studies show that MLS listings with no photos are passed over in favor of listings with photos. The importance of photos in an internet picture driven world is now mandatory. Bad photos are also a major problem and potential buyers quickly look and move on to the next listings. As mentioned before over 90% of all buyers begin their property search online, therefore no photos, one photo and bad photos are unacceptable. All of these problems do nothing to grab a buyer’s attention as they are browsing hundreds of homes online. Sadly, this is a common issue we see all too often when searching through MLS listings. Properties listed on the MLS are syndicated to 1,000’s of real estate websites in a matter of days; in fact, this is how most of these sites (like Zillow and Trulia, etc.) obtain their property information. This is why we have quality pictures taken along with offering home preparation advice and assistance for every property we list. Studies show all of these factors make a big difference when trying to attract buyers.


Virtual Tours-

Studies show that 78% of homebuyers find virtual tours to be very useful. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average online listing with a virtual tour receives substantially more views than listings without virtual tours. With more buyers shopping for homes on the internet, photos and virtual tours are a must. Video is very powerful and can act as the first walk-through for a buyer. The virtual tour is like having a 24/7 open house and saves time for the seller particularly if they are still living in the property and are not able to hold an open house as often as they would like to. Virtual tours are also helpful when it comes to social media. With just one click, the virtual tour can be submitted to popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. It can also be emailed to prospective buyers. We will create a virtual tour for your property in addition to placing it on Youtube and having it indexed in the search results of Google and social media platforms.

As most investors know, negotiating offers does not just involve the price, it also involves among other things the due diligence period, the closing time frame, and even the purchase contract itself. For obvious reasons, the standard contracts used by buyer's agents (or any buyer) are typically written in favor of the buyer, therefore based on the offer and situation, specific stipulations usually need to be inserted into the contract to protect the seller. This is extremely important but many agents may forego negotiating certain parts of a contract due to fear of losing a potential buyer. However, if the contract is not in the best interest of the seller it must be addressed. Knowing how to put the right type of stipulations in a contract will diminish this issue. Ultimately, sellers should never enter into a contract if it puts them in a negative situation so losing a potential buyer should not be the primary focus.

We normally attend all closings with our clients to ensure the transaction goes smoothly and no unexpected issues arise. Although the closing attorney will work with you as it pertains to all the necessary documents and information required for the closing transaction, a few days prior to the closing date, we will go over whatever questions you may have to make sure you understand everything.


Offers & Negotiations-

The Closing Transaction-

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